The Board

Edmund Rowland

Executive Chairman (a) (r) (n)

Edmund joined the Board on 16 April 2013, and was appointed Chairman on 8 February 2015.

He currently serves as a Director of Blackfish Capital Management, a specialist asset manager based in London and as Chief Executive Officer of Banque Havilland S.A (London Branch), previously having gained experience in London and Hong Kong, as an analyst and investment manager with BNP Paribas S.A and Blackfish. He has broad experience of principal investing in both equity and credit capital markets, with a focus on special situations. He sits on the board of Banque Havilland (Monaco) SAM and Certus Trust Limited

John Foster - Managing Director

John Foster

Chief Executive

John joined the Board on 26 January 2005. He is a Chartered Accountant and previously served as Finance Director for software company Macro 4 plc and toy retailer, Hamleys plc. Prior to joining Hamleys, he spent three years in charge of acquisitions and disposals at FTSE 250 company Ascot plc and before that worked for nine years as a venture capitalist with a leading investment bank in the City.

Jeremy Brade

Non-executive Director (a) (r) (n)

Jeremy joined the Board in 2009. He is a Director of Harwood Capital Management where he is the senior private equity partner. Jeremy has served on the boards of several private and publicly listed international companies. Formerly Jeremy was a diplomat in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and before that an Army officer. He is Chairman of the Remuneration Committee.

Carol Bishop

Company secretary

Carol Bishop joined the Company on 5 December 2011. She is a Chartered Accountant and has previously worked for London Mining plc, an AIM listed company as Group Reporting manager. Prior to this she spent three years at Hanson plc and six years at the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company

(a) Member of the Audit Committee
(n) Member of the Nominations Committee
(r) Member of the Remuneration Committee

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